We founded Kevin Mears’ Stock Options Marketing on the basic principle that everyone needs a little help. We boiled that concept down a little deeper and recognized the top cattleman did a few of the same things extraordinary well. They worked hard, they were diligent in managing genetics, and they excelled at stockmanship. However, the time it took to do those things well did not allow the necessary time to properly market their cattle and thus maximize income potential.

Today our company, and leader Kevin is recognized nationwide as one of the premier livestock marketing professionals in the seedstock industry. His talent behind the camera lens, his proven eye for selecting breed changing seed stock and national champion cattle, coupled with his knowledge of branding and marketing have made him a household name in many circles. In addition all of this is backed by uncompromising honesty when dealing with both the buyer and seller.

We offer the opportunity for you to gain from our knowledge and network of others in the business.

What you do best is running your operation; breeding, feeding and raising your stock. What we do best is helping you maximize its dollar value.”

Kevin grew up on a diversified livestock and performance horse operation and returned to the family operation after attending college. He knows full well the everyday struggles producers go though and has a real feel for what it takes to produce quality stock, keep the bills paid, the lights on and your banker in check.

Kevin, his wife Angie, along with two teenage girls, Julia and Abigail and toddler son Ben David, live in the Midwest on the Indiana/Ohio line. They actively breed and raise some top cattle with an intensive donor program and also exhibit heifers in the midwest.

When it comes to marketing your cattle, You have Options.